Struggle to adapt in UK?

Each person who contributed to Immigrant School is an immigrant itself so we all understand your struggle.

We noticed the changes that Brexit brought in our life. Now, we are expected to be more adapted and to know better our rights. This is why we created Immigrant School. It’s your rescue boat when you have to speed up your adaptation to UK.


Immigrant School


How can Immigrant School help you?

Online courses The first one is “Work in UK“. It teaches you the basics for working in UK: your rights, how to enforce them, how to have a NINO, how to open a bank account and ways to find a good jobs. Take a look, our free quizzes will help you for sure.

Online interpretation services. In this moment, we can offer a high quality service in Romanian language. If you need another language, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

Free guide about how to recover your wage. There is a procedure that you have to follow in order to recover your wages. Find it from our guide, together with few tips and tricks.

Download now the guide to recover your wages for free

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Why choose Immigrant School

  • Your problems hit us straight into the heart, as the entire team is made by immigrants
  • Benefit from the wise of 10 years in recruiting and 20 years in UK
  • It will cost you much less than a solicitor
  • It will take you 10 times less hours to learn all from us than to search on

Expats community stories

Here you can find expats community stories sent by immigrants from UK. If you have one too, please feel free to send it to us. You can add it as a comment with the title “story” or email it at

Also, you may find useful information about all sorts of events for expats.