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What stops you from working in the industry you prepared for?


Enrich your vocabulary with useful words

You will learn exactly the necessary words to work in a engineering company: tools, consumables, materials and basic elements.


Have access to better jobs

Jobs that require a qualification will always be better paid than ones that don’t. You already have that qualification. Learn the necessary words in English, so that you can practice it! Struggle with your CV?  We can write it for you, too!

Successfully accomplish all the tasks at job

The first step on having an excellent performance is to understand what others are saying. For this, you must know the specialised words from your engineering.

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Core Features

9 lessons

Each part is composed from vocabulary lessons and a relevant story that helps you understand in which context those words are used

3 parts



Basic elements


Up to 1 hour

The lessons are easy to understand. Each new word has a photo that shows you what it means. Also, all the new words are blended into stories, so that you have a better understanding.

First part is free

Don’t enroll into the course before knowing if it suits you! Take a look on the first part. It’s free!

£19.99 is the normal price

Check the course page to see if there’s any discount available.

Quizzes and assignments

The assignments are designed to memorise all the important words. In the end, our quiz will help you how much this course helped you.

What else can you receive from Immigrant School?


CV writing services

Not sure how to write a CV? Afraid of grammar errors? Upload your version of CV in English and in up to 48 hours, we will come back with a better one.

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