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We are commited to help you  achieve your dreams in the UK. With this aim in mind, we offer specialised English classes and professional CV writing. Our products are designed to facilitate your access to better jobs.  From the begining of 2018,  hundreds of expats benefited from our services. Do you know what is the best part? All of them were very satisfied. 

How can you contact Immigrant School?

about Immigrant School 

By email: immigrantschool@yahoo.com

By phone: 004 7498 315 263

By post: Unit 15058, PO Box 15113, Birmingham, B2 2NJ

Who is behind Immigrant School?

We are a team of HR experts and English teachers, that speak a variety of languages and come from different backgrounds. In this way, we make sure that your problem will be solved by a team member who will really understand you. Most of us are Romanians, but we also have people who speak Greek and others with close connections in Caraibe or born in the UK. Lots of us speak many foreign languages, so feel free to drop us a message in whatever language you wish. 

Everyone lives in the UK, so it’s easy to reach any of us and we’ll be familiar with any British term you might use. 


What do we have in common?

  • none of us has misconceptions about anybody. In this way, we are all sure that the information is not intentionally misleading.
  • we have had a similar experience as yours. In other words, at Immigrant School, you will find either an immigrant who came in UK long time ago, either a British person who was immigrant in other country. The reason for this is that we want you to have a very high chance for your questions to find an answer straightaway. ert to go that extra mile.
  • all of us have plenty of experience in the relevant field (recruitment or ESOL)

I had 3 employees, all from Romania, that needed an English course about automotive engineering. After loads of searches, I discovered Immigrant School. They offered to my employees a teacher that spoke Romanian and graduated at the Polytechnical University. How cool is that? 

Not to mention, both me and the employees were very satisfied with the course quality. 


HR Director

When I came in the UK from Greece, I was working as kitchen porter. I tried for months to find a job as account, my field, but no one even called for an interview. 

Then, I found Immigrant School and asked them to write a CV for me. On the career interview, the person who called me spoke Greek, too. It was more than useful, as I was capable to better explain her my career in Greece. My new CV looked completely different so, after one week, I received the first invitation to the interview. 



I had 2 years of working as labourer. My experience is as Mechanical Engineer, but couldn’t get hired. 

From Immigrant School I found about NARIC. While I was waiting for my diploma to be processed by them, I wanted to learn English for engineers. My budget was low, so they offered the English course for Engineers. Once I finished it, I corrected my CV and started to apply again for jobs. In 2 weeks, I was invited for an interview. I was capable to talk fluently about my work experience and got the job. 


Mechanical Design Engineer

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