When you just arrive in this country, it’s difficult to understand where to find a job. It’s even more difficult to find a job in the UK, if you didn’t arrive yet. After reading this article, everything will suddenly become easier.

Job Portals

The most obvious is to look on job portals. The most popular ones from the UK are cv-library.co.uk , monster.co.uk , totaljobs.com , indeed.co.uk , reed.co.uk If you’re not in the UK yet, take a look on the job portals from your country and set the location to “Abroad”. This is how I found my first job here. Also, if you’re decided to take a white-collar job, there are some specialised job portals. Here is a list with most popular fields: engineering, farming, IT, healthcare, hospitality.

Find A Job

This website replaces the old Universal Job Match. Both of them were built on the Government’s initiative. Employers need to respect very strict conditions in order to advertise their jobs there. It’s true, there are fewer job ads, but their quality is higher. It’s worth taking a look.

job in the UK


This is the job portal available for EU citizens that are looking to move in another EU country. Any employer that is willing to hire from abroad, will post its ads here. Also, this website provides advisors in various languages and for different countries. So, not only you’ll find a job in the UK, but you’ll also gain some insight in your new environment.

Facebook Groups

Yes, there are jobs published in Facebook groups and there are people who write posts with “I’m looking for a job”. The atmosphere is more relaxed and you can skip some gatekeepers from the recruiting process. But, the chance of being scammed is high, too. Before trying this option, you should be able to speak English fluently and to know a bit about your working rights in the UK. There are people that accept labourers, without having CSCS card and without speaking English. This is because those employees will never receive their salaries and their lack of English will prevent them from demanding their rights. Plus, their lack of CSCS card shows that they just arrived in the UK, so don’t know how the system works. There are also job ads that openly discriminate and others with a very complicated pay scheme, made purposely to confuse you whether or not you’ll receive at least the minimum wage. Please interact with the presentation below, to get more information.

Recruitment Agencies

No matter if you are already here or you just plan to move, there will always be a recruitment agency with a suitable job. You should remember that, once you started the job in the UK, they will completely forget about you. In case you choose to pay some money after you arrive, they will remember again on the due date. But in rest, don’t expect any support from them.

For all these methods, you need a stunning CV. Contact us for a professional written resume, that will amaze all the employers.