Is your workplace immigrant-friendly? Are you looking for someone that speaks a particular foreign language? Does your business target immigrants? Do you have something important to say to the immigrants? Are you looking for immigrants? Then upload the details on the below form. We will post it for free and share it on our Facebook page!

In what language can you post?

In any language you wish, as long as you add a tag with that language. For example, if the ad’s language is Portuguese, add the word “portuguese” in the tag field.

What can you post, when looking for immigrants?

Job ads, services and products that target immigrants, as long as they are legal in the UK and don’t compete with what we offer. If we have the smallest suspicion that your offer is not legal, we won’t publish it. Among illegal offers are: working as builder without CSCS card, changing the driving license in Spain, fake documents. In some cases, your contact details might be checked against various blacklist groups and lists. If they correspond to any of the entries, your ad won’t be published.

How will we use your data?

The contact details that you submit in the form will be published in the post. We might use your contact details to check whether your offer is real or a scam. We won’t sell or rent your details. Also, we won’t send you marketing emails. In case you want to receive updates from us, there is a different form to complete.

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