Ok, you took a template from the internet, filled it your details and that’s it, you have a CV. You started to apply for jobs, but no one asks you for an interview. You might apply for positions where you’re not a great fit. But what if your CV is guilty? Find in this article the traits of a brilliant CV.

Does it pass through ATS?

ATS comes from “applicant tracking system”. It’s a software meant to scan all the received the CV, searching for keywords that are relevant for the job. How can you check whether your CV is ATS-friendly? The first step is to scan it with a text analyser. The second step is to compare your results with the job ad. Can you find your keywords reflected in the ad? If yes, it means your CV has huge chances to be read by a recruiter.

Have you received any email about your CV?

When you upload your CV on job portals, you’ll always have the option to let other employers find it. If you pick this option, you’ll receive emails from time to time, from various recruiters, with suitable job opportunities. Those employers found your CV because it contains the relevant keywords and matches the required level of experience.

Is it easy to read?

Imagine you’re a recruiter looking to fill exactly the position that you want. How much experience the candidate has? What type of education has? What are its key skills? Does it have a driving license? Now find the answers from your CV. If you could quickly find them, it’s very well. Otherwise, you might need to revise it.

Does it disclose any protected characteristic?

Although the Europass CV template asks for nationality, birthdate and gender, it’s never a good idea to add them on your CV. They are protected characteristics and no hiring decision should be made based on them. Their presence gives the sensation that you’re trying to get the job by taking advantage on the biased thinking, not by genuinely being able to perform it.

Can you find any flaws in your career, by reading your CV?

There are some things bad seen by the recruiters: gap years, lots of short-term jobs or working in many, unrelated fields. A good CV will hide all these details or at least will soften them. Professional CV writers use various techniques to achieve make the most out of your career, from skills emphasis till hiding the dark parts.

In case you need any help, apply these criteria and leave a comment with your results.