Anyone who consumes the British mass media can believe that we moved in UK strictly to damage this country.  This was one of the reasons for which British citizens voted for Brexit. We believe that we work more than British people. Actually, we are right. There is a study made by ONS which reveals things that we already feel they are real. It appeared in 2016 and its name is “International immigration and the labour market, UK 2016“.

Immigrants work more than British people

Figure 10 from this study shows a graph with the percentage of people from different nationalities that work part time and full time. Please note that, in most cases, the immigrants percentage is higher, especially on the full time parts of the graph.

how many immigrants really work

Figure 10. Answer to the question “How many immigrants really work?”

Immigrants work more hours than British people

Figure 11 shows a distribution of how many hours each group of nationality works. All the overtime is included. Again, you will notice that immigrants work more. Now, before feeling proud that we work harder, maybe we should think on the exploitation. Not knowing how a system works leaves at least the newbies vulnerable in front of slavery or at least to have some rights violated by the employers. In other words, what we could learn from the graph below is that we should find our rights and we should understand the British employment system as fast as possible. Ideally, even before stepping in UK.

The number of worked hours by UK people and immigrants

Figure 11. The number of worked hours by UK people and immigrants


Yet, immigrants earn less than British people

In figure 12, you can see the pay gap between British people and different other nationalities. Only EU14 earn better wages.

hourly pay gap UK vs immigrants

Figure 12 Hourly pay in UK based on nationality

What can you do have a better work life?

The most difficult solution is to research and question everything around you. Read all the, make friends between British people, trial and error until you adapt. It will take several years, you will lose lots of chances to earn more, you will lose paid holidays, you will have very stressful jobs but at least you won’t pay anything upfront.

The easy solution is to find your working rights in one go by enrolling into a course. From there, you will also find the most common lies that an employer can tell you, how to enforce your rights and basic procedures that help you start working. All of these will take place in only 2-3 hours.

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