Immigrants in UK: know your working rights!

Going to another country to earn a living is a scary thing. If you are about to book an airplane ticket to the United Kingdom hoping to find a job, read this article! It is a starting point of finding your working rights!


Individuals fuelled with ambition to make it or break it have travelled from Greece to the United Kingdoms in the tens of thousands. Sadly, many encountered difficulties that they did not expect – welcome to the cruelty of life.


Did you know that in the UK, a verbal agreement counts as a contract?


Well, if this is something unheard of, you definitely would find our course imperative as you plan to get employed in the UK. The course also covers on holiday leaves, paying taxes and legal employment.


Working Rights, get them right!

The big number of rights might lead you to feeling overwhelmed. That’s why you might not even bother trying to look up on them. But, you give your employer the chance to mistreat you at work!

Take this free quiz to assess and find out what type of employment your job falls under to get a better understanding of what you are going into.


This absolutely free slideshow will show you a few pointers to avoid getting unlawful wage deductions. Do take time to see this as it will serve you well as you go into employment in the UK.

We have seen way too many immigrants coming to the UK in hopes of leading a better life. Instead, some employers take advantage of them, due to the lack of knowledge on the rights that they have working in the UK. No one should be short-changed on any rights. You should receive what you deserve!

Our course will prepare and equip you for working in the UK as an immigrant. Join the course today and know your rights!

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