Although the traditional way of applying for a job is sending a CV is still available, in the professional environment, people talk more and more about LinkedIn, the most important social network used for business purposes. 

Why is LinkedIn so important?

The main reason is all the career driven people have an account on it. According to  Omnicoreagency, on 1st of January 2018, LinkedIn had 500 millions users, from which half of them are monthly active and 40% of total users log in daily. Even more, on the same date, there were 3 millions active job listings. I repeat: this data is from 1st of January, a day when most people are in bank holiday.

How can someone use LinkedIn?

With your profile as CV, the first way to use it is to apply for jobs. Secondly, you can connect with important people for your career. You never know from where the opportunity will arise, so a good starting point are the alumni groups relevant to you. On 6th of August 2018, there were over 88 000 alumni groups, both academic and corporate. In case you attend any networking event and would like to keep in touch with someone you met there, it’s a good idea to connect on LinkedIn. In this way, you can both find more about each other, without disclosing too personal details.

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How LinkedIn can help immigrants?

People say that it doesn’t matter what you know, but who you know. This is partially true and, back home, we all remember that highschool ex-mate that was awesome on coding applications or that neighbour that familiarised the entire block with all the violin songs, during his childhood. In the same way, other people might remember you for your excellent mechanical skills, such as. Home, people recommend you because know who you are. How can you make it happen the same in the UK, before arriving? It’s simple, by using LinkedIn. You can be active in international groups focused on your expertise area. You can enter in the alumni group and see who already migrated in the UK. Depending on your career, those people can be good references when applying for jobs.

What to do next?

Create a profile on LinkedIn, by using your CV. Then, enter on interesting groups, connect with people you already know and, most important, apply for jobs.

How do you use your LinkedIn profile?