What will happen in case of no-deal Brexit? After so many speculations made in the mass media, the British government issued an official statement. The document covers every aspect of economy and comprises advice about how the population should prepare for this option. How the expats will be affected?

Working Rights In Case Of No-deal Brexit

According to the document, the working rights will remain the same for people that live and work in the UK. The policy language will be changed a bit, in order to reflect the fact that UK is not a member of EU anymore. Only people that are employed by EU employers to work in the UK, or employed by British employers to work in the EU will have to make some preparations. You can read more details here.

European- Funded Businesses

Businesses that intend to apply for EU-funding must do it before the cut-off date. After 29th of March 2019, no EU funding will be available for UK-based businesses. The good part that all the funding agreed before the cut-off date is guaranteed by UK government. You can read more details here.

no-deal Brexit

Erasmus+ Program

Students that applied and were accepted for Erasmus+ program before the cut-off date, will still be able to follow the program, because of the government’s underwrite guarantee. This is available for the entire lifetime of the projects, and for everyone who signed a grant agreement or only were informed of their successful application. You can read more details here.

Packages From And To Your Native Country

In the present, packages sent from an EU country to another EU country are rarely checked. In case of no-deal Brexit, they will be checked on the border. Although nor you or your family sell them, they constitute goods for the transport company. This means that they enter under trading agreements. If it helps you feel better, one time, my pancakes were confiscated in Belgium, although no border control occurred from Romania to the UK. Anyway, you can read more details about the trading agreements here.

Overall, a no-deal Brexit will bring changes in our lives. The good part is that the changes won’t be so dramatic as the mass media pictures. We will still have the same working rights, and every funding secured before the cut-off date will be guaranteed by the UK government. The entire document can be found here.