I already gave a 5 star review, but I feel it’s not enough. So I decided to submit a post here, too. This alternative to Citizens Advice is too good to keep for myself.

All my friends believe that this institution offers solutions to problems, for free. I used it to ask about an annoying situation at my workplace.

Call at Citizens Advice

Day 1: Let’s call in the lunch break. The robot asked me a local phone number. I don’t know any and I’m outside of the building. No worries, I’ll find one from the internet, write it on a paper and try again tomorrow.

Day 2 in the lunch break: With the local number in my pocket, I went outside in the lunch break and called again. Now I convinced the robot to connect me with a human, but had to wait. I waited 10 minutes and gave up. The lunch break is to eat, not to wait on the line! I’ll try again after work.

Day 2 after work: The robot informs me that I must call during the opening times. So now it’s closed. No worries, I’ll call tomorrow. review Work in UK course

Day 3: Took a day off from work. Some people use the days off to relax, visit something, go to the beach… I use mine to call at Citizens Advice.

Day 4: I woke up decided to solve my problem TODAY. This is how I’ve done it.

  • 30 minute of listening to classical music while hoping that someone will answer to me. The robot says I’m the number 9 in the queue. This call costs me money, exactly as calling at 101
  • Looked online for alternative ways to contact. No one was available for chat. It takes them 6 days to reply to an email. I could pay  7 pounds a bus ticket to go to their office and waste at least 2-3 hours on the road. But what if my problem is so complicated that I need to book an appointment?
  • Finally, someone answered.
  • The agent took my details and checked my previous address. It’s a mystery why.
  •  I repeated 3 times my problem
  • Waited 10 minutes for the agent to find a solution
  • Finally, I found how to solve a single problem. On the next problem it will start all over again.
[profilepress-registration id=”4″] In other words, this is what free means: wasted time and hidden costs. It took me almost one hour to find the answer and I paid for every single minute. I could’ve send an email, but 6 days is a too long time to let a work problem unsolved. Even had to sacrifice one of my days off!Decided to not let it happen again, I searched on Google for a way to learn about the British employment system. I wanted to know mostly about the working rights in UK. This is how I found Immigrant School.

The best alternative to Citizens Advice

The course description and the curriculum were exactly what I was looking for! For sure, this is the best alternative to Citizens Advice ever! Its lifetime price was more than affordable, and I could access it from home, at any hour and day I wanted. It was easy to buy it, and even easier to understand it. The lessons were interactive and contained examples of how an employer can cheat me. Two situations happened on my previous job and one described exactly my problem. The solution was similar to the one from Citizens Advice, but much more detailed.

With the advice from the course, next day I was capable to solve my problem and 3 less important ones. Now the management saw that I know my rights and decided to stop harassing me.

So, thank you Immigrant School! You’re the best!

Text sent by Natalin S. Blaj

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