Roxanne Messey is an HR expert with more than 10 years experience in the field. She is CPID qualified and worked for several years for the famous restaurant chain Nando’s.

Many employees from Nando’s were not born in the UK and had a variety of employment needs, from immigration concerns, rights to breaks and everything in between. With such a diverse workforce there were people who were at the start of their journey in the UK, working while studying for their dream job and those who want to work their way up the career ladder to management. Roxanne Messey worked for a variety of small companies, too.

As promised by Immigrant School, all the contracted experts must have a personal connection with immigration. In this case, she belongs to the second generation of Caribbean immigrants. Even more, her partner is an immigrant, too.

In conclusion, she has a vast knowledge of employment law and direct connections with immigration. This means that you can rely on her opinion about working rights in UK, ways to find a job and useful procedures.

In case you want to find more about her, please take a look on the LinkedIn profile.