Are You Planning To Work In The UK?

After graduation, I decided to work as biologist in the UK. 

With a bit of embarassment for my lack of experience, I completed an Europass CV and started to apply for jobs. In 2 months, while working as waiter in Spain,  I haven’t received any positive answers. I thought this will always be my job,  until a friend of mine told me about Immigrant School. 

First, they asked for plenty of details to understand what are my skills. Then, they directed me to NARIC for statement of comparability and wrote the CV for Graduate Biologist positions. In 2 days, I had a completely different CV.

Due to my long hours as waiter, I also asked them to apply for jobs in my behalf. They created accounts on job portals with my email address, so I could see exactly what they’re doing. In one month I had the first interview. 



For many years I worked in Greece as accountant. Then, I decided to join my husband in the UK, once I find a job here. 

For several months I sent my CV everywhere, without receiving any answer. It was incredible, no one wanted to use my years of experience.  A friend of mine recommended to ask Immigrant School for help. 

I  sent them my CV. They took a look on it and decided to book a call with me, for a better understanding of my career. Then, after 2 days, they sent a CV that emphasised all my success.

I used to apply for jobs as accountant and, after 2 weeks, I had my first interview. 



According to the ONS’ statistics, more than half of the immigrants are over-qualified for their jobs. Don’t be one of them! Let us help you!

What Are The Benefits Of Our CV Writing Service?  


CV written for British employers

Our aim is to see you having a similar job with the one you left home. And our HR expert knows exactly what the employers want to read, in order to hire you. 

Can't you speak enough English to write a good CV?

Our HR expert is native English speaker and lived all her life in the UK. She will make sure that your CV  has no grammar or spelling mistake. On top of this, the contact person speaks Romanian, Greek and understands many other languages. So, if you struggle on explaining something, just say it in your native language. We’ll understand it. 


You and us will talk about your career

Excellent employees struggle to find a job because their CV’s doesn’t truly reflect their careers. That’s why, before writing your CV, we’ll talk with you about your career. During the call, we’ll ask you about any concern an employer would have when looking at your CV. Also, we’ll ask you details about the most relevant jobs you had. 

But I could write a CV by myself!

Yes, you can. Just take a template and complete it. The Europass template is the most popular. Then, please check it here, for free. If it pass the test, you have a fair chance of getting a job if you’re already in the UK. If it doesn’t pass, please contact us for very high chances to get a job before moving in the UK.  

Our HR expert has 10 years work experience in the UK. She participated on recruiting thousands of foreign workers. She knows very well how the CV selection is made and what a British employer wants to find into a CV. Use her experience before your competition will do it.

Let us write your CV!

For £30, You Will Get A CV That: 

Brings you closer to your dream job

Assures an easy start of your life in the UK

Prevents you from starting on a very low position

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