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The Efficient Way Of Applying For Jobs

Let’s save everyone’s time and tell you directly what this is about.

Our service is comprised from:

CV Writing

Cover Letter Template

Daily List With Job Offers

Applying at 100 jobs in your behalf

How Do We Offer This Service?  

  1. You send us your CV
  2. We call you to find more about your career and aspirations
  3. Our HR expert will write your CV and cover letter template
  4. You will receive a daily list with fresh job offers that match your criteria
  5. We apply in your behalf, at up to 100 jobs a month.

What is the price?

We write it separately, in case you need only a part of our service.

CV writing – £30

Cover Letter Template – £20

Daily list with job offers suitable for you – £50

Applying in your behalf – £50

Total: £150

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you write a CV instead of a CV template?

We will focus on a narrow range of jobs, with similar requirements. Because of this, we believe that keep making small tweaks is a waste of time. A tailored cover letter values more than a tailored CV.

How will I use the cover letter template?

We will create a list of most frequently asked skills, with an example for each of them. Then, you’ll only have to pick the right skills for the job, the example will appear automatically. Copy/paste it in the box for writing a cover letter, change the name of the hiring manager and click “send”.

I already sent you my CV. Why do we need to talk on the phone?

From our experience, the CV’s are often incomplete. Since most of your work experience is made out of UK, we will need a deep understanding of your skills and how they can be used in the British job market.

Who decides at what jobs you’ll apply in my behalf?

The short answer is: whoever you want.

You can simply tell us “I want you to apply for the job 4, 6 and 7 from the today’s list”. Or, you can ask us to decide. In this case, we will take this decision based on what we talked on the phone. Practically, you will say  to us to what jobs we should apply first. Also, you will decide for the maximum number of jobs we will apply into a day.

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