If you can move your hands, you can speak any language. But is this enough?

I came in the UK as carer, despite having work experience as sales support. I applied for jobs, called for interviews but failed all of them for not speaking enough English. 

Fortunately, I came across Immigrant School and contacted them to see whether they offer specialised English lessons that could help my career. 

They did through Skype. I attended 5 lessons, then started applying again for jobs. I was capable to handle interviews, but I continued the lessons until got hired. And here I am, working as Sales Support. 

Thank you, Immigrant School! 🙂 


Sales Support

My first job in the UK was as factory worker. It was a very heavy job, done by desperation to feed my family. I was keep applying for HR-related jobs, but the employers stopped contacting me after my first reply. I realised my poor level of English is guilty. 

My first contact with Immigrant School was for CV writing, but I went back to them for HR English lessons, too. On the lessons, I learnt HR technical terms, British work culture and British politeness. After the 6th lesson, I started applying again for jobs. This time I passed the first interview and got hired as HR executive. 

Thank you, Immigrant School! Your lessons were lovely!


HR Executive

I came in the UK as kitchen porter, to learn English. I managed to learn enough for having chit chat and solving basic problems, but still couldn’t talk about my work experience from Spain. 

Fortunately, I found Immigrant School and asked for specialised English lessons that would help me work as mechanic. 

After 5 lessons, I was able to talk about basic things from my past jobs. By the time when I was invited for an interview, I was on my 5th lessons. My English level was high enough to receive the job. 

Thank you, Immigrant School 🙂 If you ever have a car that breaks, I’ll be there to repair it. 



Anually, both employers and employees lose money because of the lack of English. Don’t be one of them! 

What Will You Find At The English Lessons?

Teachers that speak the student's native language

 So you understand everything, from the first lesson

Personalised Curriculum

Before starting the first lesson, we will talk about your reason of learning English. Based on this conversation, we will create a curriculum for you. 

Flexible Schedule

No matter if you have a very busy or variable schedule, you can book the English lessons exactly when it’s the most convenient for you. 

This approach already offered wonderful results for 99% of our students!

How Do We Teach Online?

Teaching a foreign language has 4 components: writing, reading, listening and speaking. In order to teach online, we use video calls on Skype, Facebook or Hangouts, it’s up to you. The teaching methods are:

  • Writing: we dictate the word letter by letter or we write it as message, however is easier for you. If you wish to learn how to write in English, the grammar exercises will be solved in writing
  • Reading: we will send you a text as attached file, text which will be read and discussed together. Also, we will send you the grammar exercises as text. 
  • Listening: we will send you audio files recorded by British people. We use them both in real-life simulation and grammar exercises. On the begining, each file will have as title the phrase from the audio. In this way, you’ll make the connection between the word and its sound.
  • Talking: the grammar exercises will be oral, not in writing. Also, you’ll receive free answer questions.  

How Much Does It Cost?

If you buy 1-3 hours

  • Suitable if you’d like to refresh your English knowledge
  • You want to learn English, but you’re not sure on your financial resources
  • You want only to try, to see how are our lessons

If you buy 4-19 hours

  • Suitable if you’re paid weekly or fortnightly
  • You already speak English, but you’d like to develop your vocabulary into an easy to access field (as waiter or housekeeper, for example) or need to learn about British politeness

If you buy 20 hours

  • You need a big improvement of your English level
  • You don’t speak English, but need to pass the job interviews
  • You speak English, but your field requires a very specialised vocabulary

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