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About Immigrant School

If you can move your hands, you can speak any language so you can live in the UK. But is this enough to get a job? No. Here is where we help you.

Created after the referendum for Brexit, Immigrant School offers English lessons and CV writing services, while thriving to integrate more and more immigrants in the UK. How do we offer them?

Our team of experts makes it possible. We have one HR expert that makes sure your CV will give you an excellent job. And, we have English teachers that also speak a variety of languages, so you can make the most from your English lessons.

5 Ways To Find A Job In The UK

When you just arrive in this country, it's difficult to understand where to find a job. It's even more difficult to find a job in the UK, if you didn't arrive yet. After reading this article, everything will suddenly become easier. Job Portals The most obvious is to...

LinkedIn and your career

Although the traditional way of applying for a job is sending a CV is still available, in the professional environment, people talk more and more about LinkedIn, the most important social network used for business purposes.  Why is LinkedIn so important? The main...

Immigrants are over-educated for their jobs

Have you ever heard of those people who hold Master Degrees but are workers in a factory? Maybe you are one of them? Unfortunately, this situation is not an exemption. ONS made a study in 2016 about the international immigration and the labor market. The conclusion...