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You will learn exactly the necessary words to work in your favourite job: tools, actions, procedures, job titles and products. 


Have access to better jobs

Jobs that require a qualification will always be better paid than ones that don’t. You already have that qualification. Learn the necessary words in English, so that you can practice it! Struggle with your CV?  We can write it for you, too!

Successfully accomplish all the tasks at job

The first step on having an excellent performance is to understand what others are saying. For this, you must know the specialised words from your area.

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About Immigrant School

If you can move your hands, you can speak any language so you can live in the UK. But is this enough to get a job? No. Here is where we help you. 

Created after the referendum for Brexit, Immigrant School offers English lessons and CV writing services, while thriving to integrate more and more immigrants in the UK. How do we offer them? 

Our team of experts makes it possible. We have one HR expert that makes sure your CV will give you an excellent job. And, we have English teachers that also speak a variety of languages, so you can make the most from your English lessons. 

What type of English lessons to choose?

You might have taken some English lessons in your native country, but it might be a bit different to the one spoken in the UK. In the schools from Europe, children learn to speak British English but are more exposed to the American one. Things get confusing and, with...

How do you know your CV is good?

Ok, you took a template from the internet, filled it your details and that's it, you have a CV. You started to apply for jobs, but no one asks you for an interview. You might apply for positions where you're not a great fit. But what if your CV is guilty? Find in this...

4 steps to work as engineer in the UK

This post is available if your degree in Engineering can be recognised in the UK. In case the British Government doesn't recognise your education, the only solution is to go to school again, here. But, if your diploma can be recognised, you have all the chances to...

Know your working rights!

Immigrants in UK: know your working rights! Going to another country to earn a living is a scary thing. If you are about to book an airplane ticket to the United Kingdom hoping to find a job, read this article! It is a starting point of finding your working rights!...